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17 Aug

The makeup of the bride is of the utmost importance for the wedding day. Makeup foundations are used to even out skin tones and create a perfect canvas for makeup. With the makeup foundation we cover stains, acne and even your tan. Makeup foundations come in a variety of colors and textures, but I will talk about using foundation for a climate like the one we have here in Puerto Rico. Getting married next to the beach is not the same as getting married in an air-conditioned place. For a makeup to last and look good for wedding photos, the makeup foundation must be as matte as possible, and I am referring to the majority of cases since the type of skin plays a very important role when choosing the makeup foundation, and we will talk about that later. The makeup foundation should also not be oil-based or contain Sunscreen because this will make you sweat and make you look shiny. This product should be shine free after applied and waterproof, our weather next to the beach is hot and humid most of the time. Bridal makeup requires investing in good products to guarantee a good job and the duration of it. The color of the makeup foundation must be almost exact to the natural color of the skin and if the face is lighter than the neck and chest we should let ourselves be carried away by the neck and chest when selecting the color, this will prevent it from being seen a dividing line in the area of the chin. At Ninah Gil, we use high quality, matte, oil-free foundations. For very dry skin, we recommend a good moisturizer before foundation application, but not too much. The duration of our makeup is from 12 to 14 hours both indoors and outdoors and anti-allergic. Look spectacular on your wedding day with makeup done by professionals. Contact us for a free orientation: ninagil@yahoo.com / https://weddingmakeuppuertorico.com

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