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25 Aug

Selecting how to wear your hair on your wedding day may seem like an easy task, but there are actually factors that influence when making the decision, and here I outline some of those factors. Your wedding dress, this is a fundamental factor, if the dress has an open back you will want to wear your hair up to show off that detail in your dress. Up do hair is suitable for both indoor and outdoor weddings, and this brings me to a second factor, the location of your wedding. My favorite up do is the messy up do, If you are going to get married on the beach, the ideal is to wear your hair up. Another option is a nice ponytail, or over your shoulder to the side.  Here in Puerto Rico, we practically have summer all year round, this makes the wedding on the beach make you feel hot and humid, and wearing your hair up will prevent you from having your hair on your face or stuck on your back. Elegant and tropical up dos make the bride of any age look good. If you still want to wear your hair down, this style is perfect for strapless or sleeveless outfits; beach waves are my favorite and totally loose, since we are in the tropics and fighting the wind can be overwhelming, leaving your hair free or however you decide to "go with the flow" will make you look free and tropical, other options for loose hair are: tied to the side or half-up, but the wind can betray us. You can complement these hairstyles with natural flowers for a perfect look! For a free consultation, do not hesitate to write to me at: noviaimagen@yahoo.com

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